The 2014 - 18 Voluntary Action Fund Strategic Plan


That people and communities are thriving, active, self-organising, resourceful, and connected.


To release existing and potential resources within communities by investing money, increasing capacity and building relationships.


Equality - Respecting every human being, embracing diversity and promoting everyone's right to social justice.

Relationships - Working together in a spirit of trust and respect to create opportunities for collective benefit.

Authenticity - Being genuine, reliable and true to ourselves in everything we do.

Openness - Being open to the ideas, influences and views of others to increase shared knowledge and understanding. 

Dynamism - Nurturing a culture where everyone can learn, create and innovate to be all they can be.


To achieve our Mission we have the following Strategic Aims.

STRATEGIC AIM 1:  We will develop and manage innovative programmes that invest in communities to achieve social change.

STRATEGIC AIM 2: We will provide tailored development support to funded organisations to maximise impact and build capacity.

STRATEGIC AIM 3: We will collaborate with key stakeholders to inform evidence based policy making and strategic investment decisions.

STRATEGIC AIM 4:  We will broaden our funding sources to support our mission.

STRATEGIC AIM 5: We will continually learn, improve and innovate as an organisation.

A summary version of the Plan is available by clicking here.