Round 2 closed to applications at 12 noon on 30th August.

Workplace Equality Fund 2018/19

Voluntary Action Fund (VAF) manages the Workplace Equality Fund (WEF) on behalf of the Scottish Government. 

Round 1 and Round 2 Funded Projects

The funding decisions for Round 1 and Round 2 of the Workplace Equality Fund have now been finalised.  

To find out more about the 22 projects which have been funded through this Scottish Government Fund, please click the links below.

Round 1 Funded Projects

Round 2 Funded Projects

Fund Aim

The aim of the £750,000 Fund is to support private businesses in reducing employment inequalities, discrimination and barriers in the workplace. The minimum grant amount is £5,000, and the maximum grant available is £50,000.  To be eligible applicants should be a private business or a third sector organisation with concrete plans to work with private business to reduce employment inequality.

The funding will support employers in reducing employment inequalities, discrimination and barriers particularly across the arts, culture, leisure, tourism, finance, manufacturing, construction, agriculture and fishing, transport and communication and STEM sectors. 

This fund will have two rounds - round 1 has now closed and funding has been awarded to successful organisations.

Round 2 will open for applications on Monday 2nd July and will close on 30th August 2018. Funded projects in round 2 will be delivered between October 2018 and June 2019, by which time all activities should be concluded and all grant money spent.

Fund Outcomes

  • Employment opportunities and progression in the workplace are improved for participant groups and consideration is given to how this can be embedded into the workplace to ensure lasting change
  • Knowledge, skills, policies and practices are improved in order to address employment inequalities, discrimination and barriers/challenges within the workplace 
  • A more inclusive working environment is created through employees and employers working in partnership 

Policy Information

These policy documents should provide useful background information for applicants.

It would be particularly useful to read through the Fair Work Framework, as this will provide some context to the fund.  Please refer to the policy documents relating to the participant group or groups you propose working with.   

Programme for Government
Fair Work Framework
Race Equality Framework
Disability Delivery Action Plan
Fairer Scotland Action Plan
Scotland’s Labour Market Strategy 
Older People and Employment
Gender Equality
Addressing Race Inequality: The Way Forward

Funding Criteria & Eligibility

For more information on key criteria and eligibility, who can apply, what the funding levels are and what the funding can be used for, please refer to our Promotional Flyer. 

For an idea of eligible projects please take a look at the Round 1 Funded Projects list.

The fund is open to applications from: 

  • Any private business currently operating in Scotland
  • Any third sector organisation, currently with a base in Scotland, that has agreement in place, prior to application, to work with a specific private business

Successful organisations for round 2 must not start their project before receipt of their funding award. The receipt of funding will be mid Oct 2018 and projects must be completed and all funding spent by 30th June 2019.

There are four participant groups that this fund is targeting.  Applications must focus on one or more of these groups.

  • Minority ethnic people
  • Women
  • Disabled people
  • Older workers (those aged over 50 yrs)

While VAF would welcome applications that support all the eligible groups we are particularly keen that there is a focus on minority ethnic people or disabled people.

The fund will only consider applications where the majority of activity takes place with the private business.

Applicants must ensure they do not partner with organisations who already receive Scottish Government funding to deliver activities for which they are applying, e.g. a training provider.

Eligible items for funding include:
  • Staffing costs relating to the delivery of the project
  • Training costs
  • Travel expenses
  • Capital costs up to 25% of the total. All other avenues must have been explored e.g. DWP access to work. Applicants will be expected to evidence the difference the capital expenditure has made to target group(s) in reporting
  • Overheads up to 15% of total budget
Please note that the following items are NOT eligible for support:
  • Trustees’ expenses
  • Capital projects (for example, purchase of buildings, vehicles, building works and refurbishment or ICT infrastructure)
  • Attendance at non-outcome related conferences (either UK or international)
  • Projects that do not benefit one or more of the participant groups listed above
  • The advancement of religion or politics (including requests to support the core activities of religious or political groups)
  • Trips abroad
  • The repayment of loans or payments of debts
  • Funds cannot be used to pay for apprenticeship salaries

Funding Rounds & Timescales

8th February 2018 funding round 1 opens for applications
29th March 2018 round 1 closes to applications at 12 noon
2nd July 2018 funding round 2 opens for applications 
30th August 2018 round 2 closes to applications at 12 noon

Round 2 funded projects will be delivered between mid October 2018 and June 2019, by which time all activities should be concluded and all grant money spent. 

How to apply

Applicants should follow the link to the online application form.  This link will be live until the deadline of 30th August. 

It is advisable to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your internet browser when completing your online application.  During testing, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge were much slower when downloading and uploading essential documents.  

Further Information & Enquiries

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions  here.  If you have any queries about the Fund, would like clarification on how to complete the application form, or wish to discuss your project proposal with one of our staff, please contact VAF on 01383 620780 or