Volunteering Support Fund


The combined efforts of the 56 funded projects will aim to add over 850 new volunteers from a wide range of disadvantaged backgrounds, as can be seen in the infographic.


The funding will allow organisations to provide a range of new volunteering opportunities, such as increasing service provision to meet need, engaging with local schools and providing increased fundraising opportunities.

Volunteers will also support organisations to strengthen their governance by joining boards and management committees and bringing gender balance where appropriate.
Organisations are also strengthening their internal processes and ensuring that their environments are even more supportive to volunteers and their personal development.

Reporting Template

The only slight difference from the draft reporting template which you were given at the VSF Welcome Workshops is that you will be asked to count your volunteer hours. We have asked for this as it is good practice and will allow us to get a clear picture of what the funding has provided.

If this will cause an issue please get in touch with the VSF team as soon as possible and we can look to how any supports can be provided.

If you have any issues either with downloading the forms or completing them please contact Patricia at Patricia.McKibben@VAF.org.uk

Click the links below to download the reporting forms

End of project reporting template
End of project reporting guidelines

Your individual Statement of Expenditure will be sent to you directly by Patricia.