The Volunteering Support Fund  

The Volunteering Support Fund 2017-18 is now closed to applications

About the Volunteering Support Fund

The Volunteering Support Fund is funded by the Scottish Government, which has committed a total of £530K to improve support for volunteers, and is managed on its behalf by Voluntary Action Fund. In its previous four rounds (2013-17) 425 organisations benefitted from the Volunteering Support Fund, resulting in improved support for thousands of volunteers, more than half of whom had experienced disadvantage.

Effective volunteering can be a really powerful tool for delivering vital services to Scotland’s communities. Volunteering can also bring substantial benefits to the volunteers themselves, the organisations they work within and the wider community. Effective volunteering projects have mechanisms to seek out, recruit, induct, train, and manage volunteers. They have clear volunteering role descriptions, intelligent risk management policies, attractive routes into other opportunities and good connections with agencies that can provide additional support.

The 2017-18 Fund was incredibly popular with over 250 organisations applying for funding. Following a rigorous assessment process, 56 small to medium sized third-sector organisations across Scotland were successful in their applications, sharing over £530,000 between them.

The projects will all recruit at least ten additional volunteers who will contribute towards delivering a new volunteering project, or extending an existing one. At least six of the new volunteers will be from groups which may face disadvantage in some recognised form. Organisations will use the funding to improve how volunteers are supported in their role.

More information on the make-up of the programme and the reporting template can be found HERE

The Volunteering Support Fund will deliver upon the following outcomes;

  1. Increasing the diversity of the third sector’s volunteer pool, especially to include those who experience disadvantage or would traditionally experience barriers to volunteering;
  2. Improving opportunities for skills and personal development through volunteering;
  3. Improving the third sector’s capacity to support, train and deploy volunteers; and
  4. Enhancing the services organisations deliver to better meet the needs of the communities they serve.

The Volunteering Support Fund team consists of Bill Weir, Development Officer and Patricia McKibben, Compliance Officer, who are supported by Khalida Hussain, Senior Development Officer.

Organisations which have engaged in previous rounds of the Volunteering Support Fund have collaborated to develop a Troubleshooting Guide which can be downloaded from HERE

The team can be contacted by phone at 01383 620780

You can find out which organisations were funded during 2017-18 here.

Watch our short video of some of the current volunteers in action...

Volunteering Support Fund 2017-18 by Slidely Slideshow