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We welcome the use of WEMWBS (and SWEMWBS). It is free to use but is copyrighted to NHS Health Scotland and the Universities of Warwick and Edinburgh. Permission and registration are required for useShould you decide to use WEMWBS (or SWEMWBS), you will need to register your use by completing an online registration form on the Warwick University site for WEMWBS (external link). Once submitted you will receive an email granting permission to use the scale.

If the scale is reproduced, it must include the copyright statement which appears with it and no changes to its wording, response categories or layout must be made. Any report regarding use of WEMWBS (or SWEMWBS) also needs to include the following text: 
"The Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-being Scale was funded by the Scottish Executive National Programme for improving mental health and well-being, commissioned by NHS Health Scotland, developed by the University of Warwick and the University of Edinburgh, and is jointly owned by NHS Health Scotland, the University of Warwick and the University of Edinburgh."

The Lubben Social Network Scale may also be of interest.  This uses 6, 12 or 18 questions to estimate social connectedness; the perceived support from family, friends and neighbours.  This is a free scale to use but permission must be sought in advance of use.  Further information on the scale, permission and scoring can be found here.

Campaign to End Loneliness have produced a guide to measuring your impact on loneliness in later life.  The guide compares different scales including De Jong Giervald Scale, UCLA Loneliness Short Scale, the scale which the Campaign has developed plus examples of Single Scales.

This simple and effective evaluation tool was shared with the portfolio at our Welcome Event.  Thank you to Outside The Box Development Support.

The GP Experience survey asks a general quality of life question (Q53) which you may wish to consider

Social Capital

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Glasgow Transformation Fund Social Capital Evaluation

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