More Than Money

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Providing Development Support and Sharing Learning

Making a grant is the first stage in our relationship with funded projects. Most of our work and interest is post grant award. VAF was the first funding agency to provide development support to funded organisations, aimed at driving up performance and success. Our development support is structured to generate successful projects which have a high degree of impact as well as to provide a structure for capturing the learning which is generated.

The package of support varies across different funding programmes and responds to the needs of the projects funded.

Support elements include:

  • support for the planning and delivering of projects;
  • support for monitoring and compliance with grant conditions;
  • support for project evaluation;
  • facilitation of networks across projects which promote integration and learning; and
  • free training designed to help groups sustain and develop their activities.

Providing dedicated support enables VAF to manage risk attached to grant making in a practical way. Investment support also builds the capacity of the organisation to manage the grant and manage challenges as well as building their capacity to engage with a funding agency. Another important rationale for investment support is to support organisations to be successful and be able to communicate this success.

In undertaking the development support VAF develops a learning culture within and between projects, enabling learning from individual projects to inform learning at programme level and potentially influence policy development.


Watch the video below to hear VAF's Chief Executive, Keith Wimbles talk about social capital and VAF's 'more than just money' approach to grant-making in Scotland.