The Volunteering Support Fund  

Volunteering Support Grant 2016-17 –  This fund is CLOSED to new applications.  You can find out which organistaions were funded here.

The Volunteering Support Grant supports third sector organisations to create new volunteering projects to increase the diversity of their volunteers (especially those experiencing disadvantage); and improve opportunities, skills and personal development through volunteering. The fund also helps organisations enhance their services and improve their capacity to deploy, support and train volunteers.

Grants of up to £10,000 are available to increase the hours of an existing staff member or buy in support to help develop volunteering opportunities, management and practices; pay for the resources needed to recruit, support and deploy volunteers; and help with volunteer expenses and training for staff, management committee and volunteers.

To be eligible, applicant organisations should be working in Scotland; and have an annual income of under £250,000 (although those under £100,000 will be given priority if the fund is over-subscribed). Applicant organisations don’t have to be a registered charity, as long as their constitution makes clear that funds will not be distributed among members.

Funded projects will be expected to recruit at least 15 additional volunteers (at least 10 of whom should be disadvantaged in some way) during the 12 month funding period.

The deadline for applications was 31st March 2016 and the period of the grant is from 1st May 2016 to 31st March 2017.

Volunteering Support Grant is funded by the Scottish Government, which has committed a total of £1.1 million to improve support for volunteers, and is managed on its behalf by Voluntary Action Fund. In its previous three rounds (2013-16) 307  organisations benefitted from the Volunteering Support Fund, resulting in improved support for thousands of volunteers, more than half of whom had experienced disadvantage.

 If you have any queries about the fund, would like clarification on how to complete the application form, or wish to discuss your project proposal with one of our Development Officers, please contact our Volunteering Grants Team at or 01383 620780.

Watch the short videos below to find out more about previous projects funded by  through Volunteering Support Grant.