Tackling Sectarianism: Small Grant Fund - there will be no programme available in 2016/17

In June 2013 the Scottish Governement Minister for Community Safety announced there would be funding available for a Small Grant Programme aimed at supporting community-based work to increase understanding and/or contribute to tackling intra-Christian Sectarianism in Scotland.

The  second tranche of funding for the Small Grant Programme ran from 2015 -16. Funded projects were required to help help build our understanding of:

  • The problems caused by sectarianism in different communities and ways in which these problems impact on the lives of the people living in those communities; 
  • The impact that the projects and activities delivered have on individual communities and the lives of the people living in those communities; and 
  • What communities want to do to tackle the sectarian problems they are experiencing and how they can work together to deliver the change that they themselves want to see in their community.

Projects must also help to develop work that supports the development of volunteers and volunteering activities. Funded projects will be supported to work collaboratively with other organisations in their geographic area including linking with local structures such as Community Planning and Community Safety Partnerships.

The Tackling Sectarianism Small Grant Programme 2015 -16 is now closed and there will be no SGP in 2016 - 17. 

As a means of starting to quantify the work of the different funded projects, an Outcomes Framework - "A Guide to understanding the impact of work to tackle intra-Christian Sectarianism" has been produced and this can be accessed by clicking here